Corporate Governance

TechPrecision: Corporate Governance

TechPrecision, a publicly traded company, is guided by the experience, insight, and vision of its governing board, as well as by its desire to provide leading, global growth industries with the best, most cost-effective solutions to their critical, large-scale manufacturing challenges.

Board of Directors

TechPrecision Corp.'s board of directors currently comprises five members: Robert A. Crisafulli, Andrew A. Levy, Richard S. McGowan, Walter M. Schenker, and Alexander Shen.

Committee Charters

Audit Committee Charter

Compensation Committee Charter

Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter

The Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

TechPrecision Corp. has adopted a Code of Business Ethics and Conduct to define its standards of business conduct and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct of TechPrecision Corp.

Corporate Policies and Guidelines

Corporate Governance Guidelines