TechPrecision: Wind Power

Cost, as much as effectiveness, is a significant hurdle that drives trends within the market. As reliable and efficient as a technology is, it will not achieve universal acceptance if the cost to install and maintain it is too great. Cheaper, better technologies are what capture the minds and imaginations of those interested in alternative energies such as wind power. And as the interest in this sector continues to grow, and wind farms produce more energy, engineers have to look towards lighter, more durable, and less expensive solutions that encourage more universal adoption.

TechPrecision is helping propel the wind power market, capitalizing on its expansive fabrication experience and capacity to develop better, more durable components for current and next-generation wind turbine technologies. Utilizing our end-to-end, large-scale fabrication capabilities, we are streamlining the delivery of these precision components, producing higher-quality pieces at a lower cost point. For companies around the globe, TechPrecision is helping to turn wind into a viable choice for power generation.

General Capabilities Highlight: Wind

The subsidiaries of TechPrecision are capable of delivering cost-effective, end-to-end fabrication and machining solutions to your large-scale wind power technology and component manufacturing challenges. Relying on cross-market insights, our companies manufacture your wind turbine technologies and components with precision, quality, and efficiency that are unmatched in the industry. Their end-to-end large-scale component capabilities ensure consistency, with the necessary wind turbine component manufacturing performed on-site. Additionally, our professionals can help you address your design challenges, improving them for repeatable, precision manufacturability at an improved cost.

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