TechPrecision: Nuclear

The efficiency of nuclear power has made it an attractive alternative energy source; the Middle East and Asia especially look to nuclear to solve their populations' increasing energy demands. This, in addition to the critical equipment replacement and maintenance needs of plants currently in operation, has put fabrication and machining capacity of this scale and precision in high demand. But the ramifications of component failure can be disastrous; there is no room for error when it comes to harnessing and containing this kind of power.

Since its inception in commercial use, our subsidiary, RANOR, has been fabricating critical, large-scale components that cover the complete life cycle of nuclear power—from reactor core internal components and outage equipment to casks, baskets, and containers for spent fuel. As one of the few ASME N-stamp certified fabricators with large-scale production capabilities, we understand the extreme environments and demands placed on your high-precision products, and deliver precision engineered and fabricated components guaranteed not to fail.

General Capabilities Highlight: Nuclear

Because the cost of nuclear component failure can be so great, every step of the nuclear component fabrication and machining process is critical. Our subsidiary companies are capable of achieving the tight tolerances, specification, and NQA-1 fabrication safety and quality standards your large-scale nuclear components demand, while adhering to your challenging timetable and budget constraints.

In addition, our subsidiary Ranor is one of few N-stamp certified fabricators in the United States, and has been providing nuclear component fabrication and machining solutions for as long as nuclear energy has been commercially used for power. Its unique experience and insights, coupled with unmatched end-to-end capacity and capabilities, allows it to deliver quality, precision nuclear components that cover every facet of commercial nuclear power, including new build, outage equipment, and long-term casks and canisters.

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