Fabrication Engineering and Machining Overview

TechPrecision: Fabrication & Machining Overview

It's our people, as much as it's capacity, that ensure the precision fabrication, unmatched quality, and cost-effective, timely delivery of critical, large-scale components for the medical, power generation, aerospace, defense, and Cleantech sectors.


Before the first piece of metal is shaped, the engineers at our subsidiaries apply their resources, knowledge, and decades of cross-market insights to streamline the fabrication process, ensuring you the fastest, most cost-effective delivery of your large-scale precision components. Our engineers understand the demands and specifications required of your components and find ways to improve the delivery process, as well as the quality of the end component itself. The results are critical components that exceed your expectation for quality, precision, and price.

Fabrication & Machining Capabilities

TechPrecision has the fabrication capacity to see your large-scale components through from initial processing to final finishing and assembly, eliminating the need for outside servicing and helping ensure lower costs. Our skilled, expert personnel understand the demands of your specialized industry and are focused on delivering the precision, reliable components you depend on. With up to 100-ton lift capacity and access to one of the world's largest forges, our state-of-the-art, large-scale fabrication facilities offer complete services, including processing, welding, machining, non-destructive evaluations and inspection, and complete assembly and finishing.

Production Control & Quality Assurance

Our production control and quality assurance processes deliver confidence. TechPrecision constantly monitors the fabrication of your components, from start to finish, guaranteeing consistent handling, quality processing, and structural integrity of the finished component. This stringent approach ensures your finished component exceeds your expectations, with every step of the project overseen and signed-off on after completion. Before final delivery, the component is once again reviewed and tested to ensure nothing has been missed.