TechPrecision: Defense

When it comes to the security of this nation, of its civilians and soldiers, your components, systems, and technologies have to work. Subjected to extreme changes in temperatures, pressures, and environments, large-scale, precision defense components have to exceed performance expectations on a daily basis. Any error in the engineering or fabrication of these pieces could be catastrophic in terms of monetary costs, as well as loss of life.

TechPrecision helps to ensure the safety of this nation, and of the men and women who fight for it, by guaranteeing the structural stability, quality, and performance of every critical defense component we fabricate. Certified by the Department of Defense, our subsidiary Ranor has a proven history of delivering fail-safe solutions for some of the market's most demanding applications. From critical nuclear submarine components to complex mechanical equipment for many of our national laboratories, our cross-market experience and end-to-end fabrication capabilities produce cost-effective, quality answers to your precision manufacturing challenges.

General Capabilities Highlight: Defense

A subsidiary of TechPrecision, Ranor has decades of experience performing precision fabrication and machining for the defense industry, delivering turnkey defense components that adhere to the clients' stringent design specifications, as well as quality and safety manufacturing standards specifically for defense component fabrication and machining. Defense components the Ranor team has delivered include critical sonar housings and fairings, vertical launch missile tubes, and magnetic motor system components. In addition, the team at Ranor has successfully developed new, effective approaches to fabrication that continue to be utilized at their facility, as well as by professionals at their clients' own defense component manufacturing facilities.

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